The Grind

Hey team,

it’s been awhile… I know, I lost touch with you beautiful people. There’s no excuse other than I got incredibly busy. So busy, that I forgot about how amazing my readers are/ were. That being said, I promise that it will never happen again. If it does you can brand me with a scarlet letter and burn me at the stake. 

However, I would appreciate it if you didn’t. That would in fact be incredibly painful and detrimental to my health. And like any true blooded American I cherish my health.

ImageNow that that’s over lets move on to more important things. Like the life blood of work; which so happens to be something I call the “grind.” We’ve all been there. The long hours and late nights. The moments when we realize that we’ve transitioned from late night studying (in college) to late night paper work. These moments get the best of us sometimes.

Though, I think the “grind” gets a bad wrap. This is because our perspective of work in this country has shifted. We’ve had our industrial revolution, golden age and now the complacency sets in. We must now reinvent ourselves. It’s time to take a cold hard look at ourselves and define what our priorities are. Without sounding preachy, I think the “grind” needs to be the first place we look.

How many of us are defined by our work? How many of us spend hours on end doing what we love? And how many of us don’t consider these two the same?

That’s the kicker… Too many of us don’t see what we do as a necessity. The “grind” has become a hurtle that stands between us and freedom. When in reality the “grind” is freedom. Image

The “grind” is ones commitment to an action for an extended period of time. The “grind” is the personification of the individual. Because the “grind” is a manifestation of the individuals ability to work towards something greater than themselves. When this is no longer true we leave that job. We find something else. But more importantly, we decide to redefine ourselves.

The next time you’re working late, remember: The grind is a choice and it’s your passion that keeps it going.

Talk soon.

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