Buying a home Part 2

I do believe, I do believe, I do believe that I owe you a Part 2 of my orginal posting. And that is what I am going to give you today. So prep yourself for some awesomeness to be thrown in your face. Yes, I just said I was going to chuck some awesomeness today. Ok… I maybe slightly odd today but that’s only because it has been a crazy week. What can I say, business is a booming! So without further adue lets start this crazy train.

The Pre-Approval

After the buyer has established a pre-approval a Realtor will commence the search. Bassically what a pre-approval means is that the leander is saying:

A) The buyer has a suffeciant credit history and is ready to buy.

B) The interest rates at the time can be locked in for the next 60 days. So if the intrestrates are low this will give you sometime to look around.

The searching process is the fun part. It’s best to have a dream list ready. A dream list should consist of everything you want and need in your home. It’s best to put both so you know what is a necesaty and what could wait. For instance something like a large kitchen might be a ‘need’ because you do a lot of cooking. While a ‘want’ would be a huge deck on the back of the house. These are things that will help you better define your dream home.

Typically a Realtor will send you properties to look at. But if you have some free time here a some websites that might help:, Zillow, and of course RE/MAX. These will all help you find homes while your agent also looks. Once that special house is found your Realtor will submit a formal offer for you. With a written offer there is something called an errnist money check. Bassically this check acts as a reassurenc that you will not back out of the deal. Often times this check will run anywhere from $500 up depending on the asking price. When the home is closed on the check is applyed to the purchase of the home. After your Realtor submits the offer to the selling agent their is useally 24 hour waiting peariod whenin the seller has time to contemplate the offer. If all goes well the offer is accepted. However, there is often a counteroffer and some negoation is needed. After negoation is finished the new offeer is accepted and paperwork is filed.

Stay tuned for next time as I explain the rest of the story.



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