Profound Realization

Every now and then we as humans have profound realizations. It could happen after some extreme event or when you are simply walking down the street. Whenever it happens (and believe me it will happen) it’s best to pay attention. I had one of those moments today while having a conversation with a friend of mine. The conversation itself consisted of cognitive restructuring and ones personal prospective of the world. I’m a strong believer that our reality is created through our perception. This can be a difficult viewpoint to take, especially if you personally believe that our world is determined by the actions of others. And while I also believe that others play a large role in how we are shaped as individuals; I in fact do not believe that they can in any way determine our reality without us accepting their point of view. Putting it simplistically: “You don’t change if you don’t want to.”

As our amazing conversation continued I was enticed by the idea of personal growth that not only comes from self-awareness, but a commitment to self-discovery. It’s as though everything clicked and for a brief moment it all made sence. As I said, our reality is very much determined by our perception. Well if this is true then what creates our perception? Our perception is based on our experiences in any given location (i.e where we grew up, who we surround ourselves with, education etc…). Bringing this back around to my original point. If we want to truly gain control of our lives we must not only understand the way we perceive reality but also what we desire. In order to know where we are going we must also know where we came from.

It’s important to remember that at the very basic of human cognitive functions are traits and values that define us. These determine how we react and how motivated we are. But what many of us don’t realize is that we can question any value or trait we have obtained over the years. Meaning it’s important to re-evaluate at times to see what is working and what isn’t. For instance what is a desired quality for a person in business? Often a well qualified business professional will be driven and self-motivated. So by defining the quality, you’re one step closer to obtaining and incorporating that quality into your own life. By doing this you’re setting the standard by which you will live. And even though it may sound simplistic; I assure you that it is profoundly impactful.

In retrospect it’s important to take a look at these things in your life. By no means am I an expert. And everything thing I have discussed here are not original ideas. I have don’t my best to give my view on the subject, yet I am always open to others. Sometimes it’s just nice to start the conversation.


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