So it begins

So it begins.

Yesterday was an interesting day in the fact that it was my first open house that I’ve done in a year. Most of you don’t know that I took a sabbatical from real estate before this most recent switch to RE/MAX. The house was one located on the south side of Des Moines. It’s a beautiful five bedroom two-story with bamboo flooring and backs up to scenic Easter Lake.

The open started off nicely with a family coming through right at one. I was invigorated as soon as they pulled up; knowing that it would be only seconds until they walked through the door. The interesting thing about real estate is found in the fact that it’s like nothing you have ever done. There is an art to it that many people don’t see nor realize. I would liken it to a dance wherein there is a clear flow between when to push and pull, move and react, stop and start over. In fact when someone walks through that door you don’t know how they might react to specific questions, or if they are simply browsing. There are limitless possibilities. The only thing that remands true is that they have walked through the door.

And that is why opens are so fun. It’s the fear of the unknown that makes it exciting. The opportunity to engage in a conversation with someone you have never met. It’s a unique experience that I hope you too will have someday.

Until then.


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