Is now the time to sell my home?

Is now the time to sell my home? I get this question almost everyday. And while it’s a good question to ask– it’s a little vague. There are a lot of factors that go into selling your home. Some of these can be (but are limited to): Continue reading

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The Grind

Hey team,

it’s been awhile… I know, I lost touch with you beautiful people. There’s no excuse other than I got incredibly busy. So busy, that I forgot about how amazing my readers are/ were. That being said, I promise that it will never happen again. If it does you can brand me with a scarlet letter and burn me at the stake.  Continue reading

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Our history

Well ladies and gentlemen it looks like things are already bumping right out of the gates! It’s still early and we are only going into our second month of 2012 but the numbers are looking good. However let me better explain these facts. Bellow (Thanks Les sulgrove) you have a breakdown of all pending real estate transactions for the years 2009-2012. Pending transactions are accepted offers that were set to close/ did close. It’s important to remember that not all pending transactions close, but that doesn’t happen very often. I wanted to make sure you could see the rise and fall of the past 3 years in comparison to this year. This chart will show you exactly what happened after the downturn of the market.

  • As you can see 2009 (in Blue) started off slow. This was the year right after the oh so popular bubble burst. It was tough but compared to other markets, Des Moines and the surrounding areas were not hit incredibly hard. The slow escalation of buyer & Seller transactions was due primarily to insecurity in the real estate market. However, it’s important to also note that massive regulation overhaul by banks were implemented in this time period. Meaning, it was more difficulty for people to procure loans.
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The race

Hey There!

So first off I have to apologize that I haven’t posted in about a week. Business has been crazy and things are picking up. That being said, it’s time to get back at it. How have you been?! Good I hope. I had another interesting realization this week that kind of changed my prospective a little bit. I’m a very passionate individual and sometimes that isn’t always the best thing. Occasionally I can be a bit overzealous when it comes to my profession. For the past 3 weeks I’ve been burning the candle at both ends trying to build my business and keep clients happy. I’m a bit of a workaholic because I honestly I love what I do. However, eventually everyone needs a break. Continue reading

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Buying a home Part 2

I do believe, I do believe, I do believe that I owe you a Part 2 of my orginal posting. And that is what I am going to give you today. So prep yourself for some awesomeness to be thrown in your face. Yes, I just said I was going to chuck some awesomeness today. Ok… I maybe slightly odd today but that’s only because it has been a crazy week. What can I say, business is a booming! So without further adue lets start this crazy train.

The Pre-Approval

After the buyer has established a pre-approval a Realtor will commence the search. Bassically what a pre-approval means is that the leander is saying:

A) The buyer has a suffeciant credit history and is ready to buy.

B) The interest rates at the time can be locked in for the next 60 days. So if the intrestrates are low this will give you sometime to look around.

Continue reading

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Profound Realization

Every now and then we as humans have profound realizations. It could happen after some extreme event or when you are simply walking down the street. Whenever it happens (and believe me it will happen) it’s best to pay attention. I had one of those moments today while having a conversation with a friend of mine. The conversation itself consisted of cognitive restructuring and ones personal prospective of the world. I’m a strong believer that our reality is created through our perception. This can be a difficult viewpoint to take, especially if you personally believe that our world is determined by the actions of others. And while I also believe that others play a large role in how we are shaped as individuals; I in fact do not believe that they can in any way determine our reality without us accepting their point of view. Putting it simplistically: “You don’t change if you don’t want to.”

Continue reading

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Where do we start Part 1

“Where do we start” is the number one question I receive as a Realtor. And quite frankly its a very valid question. No one ever teaches us how to buy a home, calculate a loan or pay the mortgage. These are typically things we have to teach ourselves. Some of us have been lucky enough to have a knack for it while others are not so fortunate. Buying a home can be a fun and exciting process if you know what you’re doing. In fact it’s not as hard as many would assume. The simplicity of the process is reliant on the agent you choose.

The day begins:

When you begin looking, the first move you need to make is finding an agent. For buyers, a Realtor is a completely free and an important asset. Think of it this way; would you try to play a professional sport without a coach? Probably not…The right Realtor will help you narrow you sights and give you a better idea of whats available. Once you have found this lucky Realtor they will help with step number two. Finding a lender  (unless you have cash to buy a home) is probably the most important step. Here is where you have a plethora of options. Deciding on a lender is like finding the perfect spouse. Like a spouse you need to know if you can be together longterm. Don’t go chasing after a loan that might seem good in beginning  but turns out to be a dud in the end. You should shop around when it comes to finding the right one. Have your realtor give you some options. Remember, that you are the client! You have the right to shop and choose what will work best for you. Another important fact to remember is that you’re allowed a per-approval without obligation. Just because you fill out an application and receive a pre-approval doesn’t mean you are bound to them.

Tomorrow I will cover part 2

Until then 🙂


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A look at the facts

Today I thought I would mix it up a bit and throw out something of value. Not that I don’t always try to give you “something of value”, but today it will be a breakdown of the current DSM market. Below is a stat sheet that will give you a better look at whats selling in the Des Moines area. These stats are important for the pure fact that it shows the numbers.  As you can see a majority of pending (nearly sold) homes fall between 100k- 200k. However statistics like these are not surprising because a typical home, that is requested by a buyer has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 1,500 square feet or more. Furthermore, a home such as this regardless of style (ie. ranch, 2 story, split level etc…) will often fall within this specific price range. Continue reading

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So it begins

So it begins.

Yesterday was an interesting day in the fact that it was my first open house that I’ve done in a year. Most of you don’t know that I took a sabbatical from real estate before this most recent switch to RE/MAX. The house was one located on the south side of Des Moines. It’s a beautiful five bedroom two-story with bamboo flooring and backs up to scenic Easter Lake.

The open started off nicely with a family coming through right at one. I was invigorated as soon as they pulled up; knowing that it would be only seconds until they walked through the door. The interesting thing about real estate is found in the fact that it’s like nothing you have ever done. Continue reading

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Weekend madness

I’ve learned a couple of important things in my life. However the lesson I will discuss today is probably one of the most profound. Over the past year it has become apparent to me that there is a difference between a job and a career. This difference is not a slight gap by any means. It’s profoundly huge and cumbersome to bridge. In fact, some people are never able to make it. Although, if you do it could be life changing. It’s wasn’t until recently that I discovered the difference and after crossing that bridge I have realized that I can never go back. Continue reading

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